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Things to Buy on Amazon with Hoe Money

April 4, 2019

Sometimes I take Amazon gift cards for skype payments, panty sales, etc. Instead of using that balance on cheap lingerie or shitty toys, here is a list of a some cool, practical things that I have bought on Amazon with those gift cards or have gotten from my wish list.



**If you are new to camming/content making: This business happens to be full of time wasters and assholes. Make sure that you don't send out any videos, panties, etc without first physically receiving the items on your wish list. Assholes can cancel their orders after you have sent out your stuff so make sure you receive your gift before fulfilling. Also, sometimes Amazon will send your zip code (and in rare cases, possibly the delivery addresses) to fans that buy you things on your wish list. I highly suggest using a PO box to receive your gifts. I have one about 45 mins away from my house and I make the drive to ensure my privacy. I have one through the UPS store and I think I pay about $200ish a year. Sounds pricey but if really recommended if you have a fan base that sends you things often. I also use the PO box return address on items I sell so that I don't have to use my home address.* If you do get a PO box, make sure you check it regularly (or have a notification sent to your phone when you receive something) because if you leave your gifts for 5+ days, they could start charging you fees to hold your items.**


Cam/clip model stuff:



The best ring light IN THE WORLD: Ok, this light is pricey if you are just starting out BUT I promise this light will change your content. I have both the older version of those (with the tube light) and the new version pictured here. I recommend the new one listed here. It is tubeless, can withstand plenty of kitty-knocking-this-over-abuse, and you can change the color temperature. I use this every single time I film. It also comes with a little attachment where you can attach your camera or phone and film through the light. Highly recommend. 



Logitech webcam: I'm listing the 922 here but the 920 works just fine. I listed the 922 since it has a bit better quality and auto corrects more quietly than the 920, plus it's like 15 bucks more for the 922. I started out using my default webcam and just lamps but once I bought this webcam, the quality of my stream definitely improved. This camera is super tough also. I have shot it repeatedly with a Nerf gun and it is still totally fine. I've had to replace it about once every year and a half or so because the USB connection starts to wear. 




Fairy lights: I use the 3M stick up hangers and drape fairy lights on them behind my bed. This particular one listed has different modes and doesn't get too hot, unlike others I have had in the past. I've had these particular ones for 3 years now and they only have 2 light bulbs burned out. 




External Mic: I sometimes use a mic for stuff like voice over in my vids when my neighbors finally decide to mow their lawn the second I turn my camera on to film vids. I've had this mic for a year and it is still in good shape, again after all the kitty abuse of being knocked off my desk constantly. I don't sing into it or anything so it might not be suitable for actual recording but it does super well with standard voice over stuff. 




External Storage: I store all of my clips and pictures on an external drive, so that it doesn't take up all the space on my computer. I have the one listed in the 5TB size (no longer listed) and I have over 500+ videos stored on it & there is still plenty of room left. The 3 TB listed seems like plenty of space. Really easy to use- I just transfer all of my content onto this storage as soon as I have edited a vid. 




Instax Camera: This fun little camera takes tiny little Polaroid like pics and then you can turn around and sell them as fun one of a kind photos. Film found here







Toys: There are SO MANY toys on Amazon that aren't body safe so please please please be careful. I only use this toy as a prop for videos and don't actually insert it. I have taken it traveling with me and took photos of it in front of landmarks and shit. Pretty funny. Even after 5 years and being thrown around, it's in great shape. 




My One True Love: Who needs a man when you have a hitachi? This one is even cordless. I'm not even going to write anymore because you all know how great this is. 






Home stuff:



Steam Mop: Every adult with tile, hardwood, or vinyl should own a steam mop. They are super easy to use and get your floors really clean. I fill mine with some vinegar and water (says distilled but yeah fucking right, I'm not driving to target because I don't have distilled. I use tap water and whatever, it's fine.) It dries super quickly also. It will get pretty hot though so watch your toes if you hold it in one place for 15+ seconds. 




Carpet Shampoo-er: If you have pets or kids, your carpets are probably grossies like mine. I have had several different shampoo-ers through out my life and this one if the easiest to use. I'm a tiny little girl with zero strength and I can easily carry this around and even upstairs. I just use the standard carpet cleaning solution that I find at target but have been on the lookout for a more natural option. Will update here when I find one. 










Pregnancy Pillow: Not just for pregnant ladies! I love to snuggle with a body pillow so I was searching on Amazon and they suggested this in the lineup. I ordered it and haven't slept without it since. My brother and mother both bought them after taking a test drive nap with mine. I have no idea how I slept without this before. 



Salt Lamp: I am obsessed with salt lamps. I have one in every room of my house. This one is my favorite and people are constantly asking me where I got it. I've never seen another square one like this out in the wild, lol. It doesn't get very hot and is still in really good shape for the 4 years I've had it. 





Sound Machine: My brother has a sound sensitivity and has a real problem sleeping when he can hear birds and noises outside. I bought him this sound machine a few years ago & now he can't sleep without it. I even had to buy him the travel version for him to use when he sleeps at my parent's house. I'm pretty sure they recommend these for babies but it works for bratty brothers too. 



Pots and Pans: I received this as a house warming gift from my favorite sissy and am so happy with this set. These replaced a beloved Caphalon set but I've been way more pleased with All Clad. Works well on a gas cook top and cooks pretty evenly. 




Knife Set: This knife set has been the best set I've ever had. I ended up ordering more of the steak knives because I sometimes have more than 4 people over for brunch. I rarely sharpen them and I throw them into the dishwasher (which I know, I know, I'm not supposed to do) but they have held up super well regardless of my laziness. 




Cutting Board: This is an excellent cutting board. It doesn't warp, it is easy to clean, and it has little grooves that hol